Fresh, Local Crabs

We take pride in providing you with the freshest, local seafood the Eastern Shore has to offer!  Our watermen go out each morning in the local rivers and bring us their harvest.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that!  Crabs are available either live or steamed.  If you order them steamed, we spice them just right.  You may also request light or heavy seasoning.

Crab Cakes

The recipe we use has been passed down for generations, from the owner’s great-grandmother.  We have had many guests say they are the best crabcakes they’ve ever had and we can’t argue!  We offer both jumbo lump and regular crabcakes.  Crabcakes can be purchased fresh (uncooked) or lightly pan-fried into a delicious sandwich.



Gulf Shrimp

We offer steamed shrimp, seasoned and served with a side of cocktail sauce.  You may also take your shrimp fresh, if you prefer.  We sell shrimp by the pound.

Other Seafood Offerings

Fresh soft crabs are available and we’ll even clean them for you!  We also have frozen soft crabs available for easy transportation.

Fresh crabmeat can also be purchased by the pound.  We carry both jumbo lump and regular crabmeat.  

Snow Crab Legs are also available for steaming and we offer butter as well.  

We offer Maryland Crab Soup and the infamous “Shore Boys” Cream of Crab soup, frozen.  

Depending on availability, we also sell soft shell clams.


What’s a crab feast without local corn?!  We sell local corn grown right in Talbot County.  You can get it fresh or steamed and we steam it in the husk.  

Need to cool off?

We have water, sodas, snowballs, and the legendary Key Lime Pie on a stick, made in Key West!

Ask about our specials

We often offer a half bushel of crabs, 2 lbs. of shrimp, and 6 ears of corn special.  If that’s not enough, we offer the same deal with a full bushel and you can always add more shrimp or corn!

All Things Crab Feast

We are a one stop shop for crab feasts.  We sell rolls of brown paper for the table, crab knives, mallets, paper towels, apple cider vinegar, our house blend crab spice, and even pickles!