Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a male crab and a female crab?

Some say female meat is sweeter.  Most prefer male crabs however, some favor the females.  Essentially, it’s a personal preference!  

What is the difference between a regular crabcake and a jumbo lump crabcake?

We use the same recipe, that has been passed down for generations from the owners great-grandmother, in both batches.  The difference is in the crabmeat.  Jumbo lump crabcakes contain the big chunks of crabmeat that come from the backfin, which is also know as the best meat of the crab!  The regular crabmeat comes from the other parts of the crab, which still tastes delicious!

How do I reserve/order crabs?

Call 410-822-7301 and we will gladly take your order, even months in advance!

Do I need to place my order in advance?

No, we take lots of walk-in orders!